2014: Moving Forward


Whew! What a year 2013 has been. Juggling between a demanding full-time career while simultaneously trying to run a business has been no easy feat. Admittedly, this year was a mash-up of extremes, from 80-hour work weeks to letting it ride at the tables in Vegas; to temple touring through Thailand. It has indeed been a wild ride.

Living the Work Hard, Play Hard mantra leaves me torn between two worlds, often coming home to a different life – a life in which I have to switch gears swiftly to get back into the swing of things. Indeed, several months walking through factory floors and sitting in laboratories allows for some vacation from time-to-time. There have been no regrets in 2013 and the time sure has flown by in hyperbolic fashion.

So with 2014 on the horizon, where do we go from here? Since we don’t believe in New Years’ resolutions lasting the long-term, here’s what Rossi Consulting has started already and our plans going forward:

  • Create a solid foundation for the business, building a customer base with recurring projects. To solidify this, we will deliver the best Engineering Services possible in the shortest time that we can. That is to say, if it means sacrificing evenings, weekends, sleep to deliver – then that’s exactly what we’ll do! Our customers come first – every time and all the time.
  • Establish a website and social media networks.
  • Become more active through Engineering forums and networks, engaging in innovative discussions.
  • Seek new networks and organizations to partner with.
  • Blog often, creating rich content. Ask future employees to engage in online discussion. 

With the launching of the website now complete, we’re very excited going into 2014. We hope everyone had a pleasant 2013 and we wish all the best of luck going forward into 2014. Happy New Year to all and be safe out there!

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