Why Rossi Consulting?

When a project needs to be done, customers rely on Rossi Consulting to design, develop, integrate, debug and deploy a custom solution. Our goal is to deliver a solution that exceeds expectations while maintaining a relationship of integrity, loyalty and trust to our customers.

Traditional Engineer


We differentiate ourselves through a two-pronged approach. Firstly, we utilize the benefits of having an on-site Engineer at your disposal when you need it – and secondly, we efficiently provide a specialized skill-set to deliver your custom solution in a time-critical manner. Using this method, we mark-to-market ourselves at a value that is extremely cost-effective to your business. Essentially, we are providing outstanding service, delivering a solution to market in a timely fashion.



Global Outsourced Engineer

Over the years in the industry, we noted the inefficiencies of outsourcing labor overseas. What may appear to be an efficient way to provide services in theory may not necessarily be the same in practice. By outsourcing engineering services overseas, additional time is spent handling administration, overcoming the hurdles of language barriers, managing local labor to interface with remote labor, dealing with time-zone differences and so on. We also realize potential security issues with outsourcing overseas that has become a threat in our modern technological age.



Rossi Consulting Advantage


Our Advantage

At Rossi Consulting, we are able to satisfy customers’ needs with reliable and efficient engineering services by adhering to standards. Our commitment to following specific processes ensures that we provide services of utmost quality and that we are quick to meet new customer requirements. Contact Us today to find out how we can further enhance your business!