Consolidating Lab Instruments with NI VirtualBench

The tech-sector is the hottest its been in over a decade, allowing companies to pour more money into R&D and expansion. Advancements in technology have allowed devices to be made smaller, faster and more efficient. Smartphones, for example, have replaced cameras, calculators, flash-lights and even relationship dynamics! But that’s a different discussion entirely. In any event, […]

Case Study – EasyBook Appointment Software

In our last discussion, we spoke about clearly defining requirements.  What I’d like to talk with you about today is a case study demonstrating such requirements. Enter EasyBook Back in early 2012, we had a request from a court reporting company to design simplified, lightweight booking appointment software. Their main requirements stated that the application […]

Finding the Right People to Help you Succeed

  “If you want things done right, you’ve got to do them yourself.” At least that’s the way I used to think.  And then my views changed. It can be extremely time-consuming and difficult to succeed wearing multiple hats. Being an administrator, engineer, accountant, technician and a graphics designer is quite overwhelming! You have to […]

Job Market Blazing in 2014

John: Hello, is Paulo there? Paulo: Speaking. How can I help you? John: Hey Paulo! This is John Doe with Talented Recruiters ABC. We have an excellent opportunity for a Sr. Software Engineer paying big bucks. I’m confident you would love to hear more about it! This is one example demonstrating the flurry of calls […]

Clean Coders

  With the NASDAQ approaching its 2000 highs, I can see the reflection of the rising index in a Tech Boom 2.0 in North America. Start-ups appear to be popping up everywhere, with companies being awarded several multi-million dollar projects. This has caused a fresh flow of labor and capital into the software industry, with many […]