Finding the Right People to Help you Succeed


“If you want things done right, you’ve got to do them yourself.”

At least that’s the way I used to think. 

And then my views changed.

It can be extremely time-consuming and difficult to succeed wearing multiple hats. Being an administrator, engineer, accountant, technician and a graphics designer is quite overwhelming! You have to spend time in each field, honing your craft. Distributing your time amongst multiple fields will not make you as good in a particular field as somebody who diverts all their time to it. At least that’s typically the case.

What it really should say is:

“If you want things done right, you’ve got to define them right yourself.”

…and then get the right people to do it.

This is why Engineers spend vast amounts of time gathering requirements. Just how much time exactly? Well it really depends.

For example – with software, you may want to use a waterfall, spiral or iterative approach (Agile). Clearly defining requirements up front can help reduce work creep, minimize risk and accurately predict time and cost involved in the development and integration processes.

And that leads me to my main topic.

If you haven’t noticed, this blog has been through a complete face-lift. I’ve been doing research. A lot of research, and let’s be honest – it needed a new look. I am by no means an artist or photographer.

So I hired a graphics designer and found a new theme. You can find quite talented freelancers online with a bit of searching. I found David over at Elance to help me out. I highly recommend him!

I had David design a new banner & caricature for my website. Attached is the results of his work below! I am in awe.

I'm a Cartoon!

I’m a Cartoon!

C’est fantastique! (More on Learning French later…)

Now typically themes will require modifications based on what you’re looking for, so I was forced to learn CSS and PHP. Coming from a software background, I figured this wouldn’t be terribly difficult – and it wasn’t. There’s a vast array of information available out there today to have just about anybody savvy if they’re willing and passionate.

So what you’re looking at is the new site V2.0.0. It still needs a little tweaking and continuous improvements, and they will come!

Let me know what you all think of the fresh look. Your thoughts are appreciated.

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  1. Hey Rossi, new site looks great. Love the caricature!

    • Thanks Dre! Ran it through w3 and it doesn’t seem agree with a few things. I’ll have to tweak it a bit more, but looking at your site was part of the reason I decided to reconstruct mine!

      • Haha thanks. If you’re really picky about wanting to fix all those errors I recommend using a theme that is a bit more modern and uses HTML5. Here is an updated version of your current theme that somebody else made (not studiopress). Not sure how legit it is, but skimming through the comments it looks like it’s reputable:

  2. I’ll have to check that out. Thanks for the suggestion. Also, this theme doesn’t display full with mobile. I wonder if the new theme would resolve that.

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