Job Market Blazing in 2014

John: Hello, is Paulo there?

Paulo: Speaking. How can I help you?

John: Hey Paulo! This is John Doe with Talented Recruiters ABC. We have an excellent opportunity for a Sr. Software Engineer paying big bucks. I’m confident you would love to hear more about it!

This is one example demonstrating the flurry of calls and emails I have received over the past 2-3 months regarding employment opportunities. At first I thought it was a seasonal thing – that is, companies get their budgets for the quarter or the new fiscal year and have to hire a slew of people to fill some temporary roles. 

But the calls continued. The emails kept coming in.

So I did some digging. What I discovered is that the job market in North America in 2014 for Engineers is getting hot again.

How hot? If we go by the technology sector as a whole and look at the the second-largest stock exchange in the world – the NASDAQ composite, we can see it nearing its all-time highs of 2001. At the time of writing this, the NASDAQ currently closed at 4074.40 (April 28, 2014)

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NASDAQ (Ticker: QQQ) Composite. Up, up and away.

NASDAQ Composite (Ticker: QQQ) . UP, UP AND AWAY!

Since markets typically lead the overall economy by at least 6 months, the effects of this powerful bull market have not truly been felt – until now.

To get further evidence, I checked back into LinkedIn. Their layout displays jobs I may be interested in pursuing, in-line with status updates and shares. They also display available jobs on their side bar menus. Below is one snapshot of job opportunities in the Greater Toronto Area.

LinkedIn Flashing Engineering Jobs

LinkedIn flashing with local Engineering Jobs in Toronto, Canada.

And of course, there are government numbers. Whether you choose to believe them or not, that’s up to you. But they’re equally showing a decline in the unemployment rate across the board in both Canada and America.

US Employment Heating Up.

US Employment Heating Up.

 The numbers don’t lie! (or do they?)

Canadian Employment Heating Up Too...

Canadian Employment Heating Up Too…

 On the flip-side, jobs in other sectors are vanishing quickly. Forbes has released a list of Top 20 Disappearing Jobs Heading for the Dustbin Some of these include Farmer, Typists, Fast Food Workers and Post Office Mail Workers.

So what can I say about this? Two lessons:

1. If you’re an Engineer in a job where your company continues to operate lean – cutting costs, increasing demands, eliminating profit-sharing and claims the world is always ending – now is your time to make a move. There’s no excuse to put up with it.

2. If you’re in a line of work where prospects for the future don’t look so bright, consider making a change. Be on the right side of the trade. And if you’re currently on the other side, find ways to shift over. Yes, it can be difficult to go from Farmer to Engineer overnight. Consider training, education, night-school, self-learning and a bit of dedication as some of the many options at your disposal. Slow and steady effort goes a long way. Good luck!

Comments or questions below! As always, feel free to share.

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