Case Study – EasyBook Appointment Software

In our last discussion, we spoke about clearly defining requirements.  What I’d like to talk with you about today is a case study demonstrating such requirements. Enter EasyBook Back in early 2012, we had a request from a court reporting company to design simplified, lightweight booking appointment software. Their main requirements stated that the application […]

Clean Coders

  With the NASDAQ approaching its 2000 highs, I can see the reflection of the rising index in a Tech Boom 2.0 in North America. Start-ups appear to be popping up everywhere, with companies being awarded several multi-million dollar projects. This has caused a fresh flow of labor and capital into the software industry, with many […]

Meeting Numbers through Regression Testing

Eliminating false-failures and improving repeatability is a must in high-volume manufacturing. Software regression testing methodologies and strategies can be an effective way of reducing occurrence of test failures. Consider this: A high-volume manufacturing line builds 1.5 million automotive cluster units in one year. An end-of-line functional test system on the line yields approximately 98% of […]

Integration Insights – Part 1

As we enter 2014, I begin to look back at all the things that made last year a success. Flashbacks of all the late nights in the development lab at Honeywell are sinking in today, with some of the more recent hurdles still relatively fresh in my mind. The 80/20 principle in test system integration could […]